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Don’t wait until the new year. Now is the time to get started on the new you!

IDLife – A personalized nutrition plan

A nutrition plan designed for you specifically. Take the guesswork out, complete our assessment and get on a focused nutrition program. The IDLife Experience is changing the way people think about their health. You can lose weight, feel great and have more energy in three simple steps!

IDLife Shake + IDNutrition morning pack

When you wake up, drink a delicious IDLife Shake for breakfast, followed by your customized morning vitamin pack to prepare you for the day. Time is precious in the mornings, which is one reason why many people skip breakfast. But having breakfast and proper nutrition are critical to ensuring you are fueled for the day. IDLife Shake offers a convenient, healthy solution to your morning routine. In just a few minutes, you can have a protein packed shake and take your customized vitamins for a great start to the day.

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IDLife Hydrate

During the afternoon, mix up your IDLife Hydrate to replenish electrolytes, restore nutrients lost throughout the day and refuel your body in ways other beverages and water can’t. With an estimated 75% of Americans dehydrated on a daily basis, proper hydration has never been more important. IDLife Hydrate delivers a carefully designed formula of vital electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to support cardiovascular health and provide nutrition for the body’s muscular and nervous systems.

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IDNutrition evening pack + IDLife Sleep Strip

Once you’ve finished dinner, take your customized evening vitamin pack, then 30 minutes before bed, take an IDLife sleep strip so you’ll fall asleep easily, sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of chronic sleep disorder. And while a poor night’s sleep never killed anyone, you should know that a few months of tossing and turning could. In a recent study published in Men’s Health, insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation were linked to significant increases in the risks of contracting a host of health related problems and issues.

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Real results. Real people.

Sarah Jade – Certified Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

Sarah has offered personalized IDLife plans based on personal goals and needs. She incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, yoga, injury rehabilitation and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client.


Our lifestyle program is for everyone.

“IDLife is changing my life daily.”

Sue Smith

Clean Eats Momma Blog

“My body has never felt in better shape than when I started with IDLife.”

Barbara Schumaker

CEO, Rockstar Company

“IDLife has inspired me to make a change for the better!”

Mark Jones

Bookkeeper, Self Employed